Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An absolutely, ridiculously amazing blessing.

Sometimes, God does things that are simply to bless us - things that are unnecessary, beyond what we could ask for, and sometimes just plain old fun.

This happened to me on Monday.  I was sitting in the airport in Orlando after 4 fun days in Disney World with my friend, Bethany. (more on that later!!) She and I had just finished some pizza and had been talking about what it would be like to fly as a celebrity.  We decided that most Christian artists could probably walk through the airport without too many people recognizing them.  I said Jeremy Camp probably just flies regular airlines.  As you know, Jeremy Camp is my all-time favorite.  (I wrote about him here...and here...and also here...and even here)

So Bethany and I finished our pizza and walked down to our gate, where we started looking through pics from our trip on my iPad.  All of a sudden, Bethany says "There's Jeremy Camp.  No joke - JEREMY CAMP."  My response was, naturally, "We have to go say hi!".  And I took off in his direction.

Sure enough, in the airport in Orlando, after what was already a totally awesome trip...we met Jeremy Camp.  Can you believe that?!?!  Out of gate 129, walked Jeremy Camp - who was in town for a marketing conference.  And guess what gate our plane was at?  129.  Maybe, just maybe, I sat in the very same seat he sat in - haha!

Seeing any of the artists I love would've been fun, but seeing Jeremy Camp was an absolutely, ridiculously amazing blessing. 

Thanks God, for doing things like this just because You love us.  Just to bless us, even when we've already been blessed so much. 


  1. OK. That is seriously awesome!! He is my favorite as well. His lyrics just resonate so much with me. I can't imagine meeting a better "celebrity". Very, very cool!

  2. What an amazing blessing and an amazing story! Thanks for sharing, Jess. Whenever I think to myself, "What are the chances?" I know that God makes it possible.