Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Play Cards!

I've spent the past couple of days in Ocean City, MD with my friend Kathy and her parents at their condo. We've enjoyed the beach, the boat, freshly caught crabs, and quality catch up time.

One other thing Kathy and I have done is to make sure we've gotten in some workouts. Last night we did a short run - and it was ridiculously humid.

Today we did a workout that Mindy, who owns my gym, sent out in an email. This is a great workout to do when traveling because the only thing you need to pack is a deck of cards.

Cards values for every round
Face cards (10)
Aces (11)
Numbers (face value)
Jokers (20 burpees or 50 squats)

Keep in mind if you pull a 2 or low card, be creative to continue to challenge yourself. Example: let's say you pull a 2 and you are to do lunges. Try 2 full, 2 bottom 1/2, 2 top 1/2, 2 full lunges to make it worth it!

Round 1
Count out 10 cards. Turn 1 card over at a time.

Red: push-ups
Black: Squats

Round 2 - 10 more cards

Diamonds: Squat thrusts
Clubs: push-ups
Hearts: Squats
Spades: sit-ups

Round 3 - 10 more cards

Red: lunges(each side)
Black: burpees

Round 4 - 10 more cards

Diamonds: Mountain climbers(each side)
Clubs: push-ups
Hearts: Lunges
Spades: Jump Squats

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