Sunday, September 16, 2012


Here's a few Instagrams of life this week!  It was a busy, busy week - and I slept in both days this weekend to make up for it! (I love sleeping in!)
This is a little classroom action.  That green box holds the materials for the beginning of the year reading assessment we do with all of our kiddos.  I spent a lot of time this week sitting at that table listening to my kiddos read!
Ahh, the York Fair!  I live just under 1/2 mile from the fairgrounds, so I walked over there on Thursday evening to grab some dinner (I saved my calories!) and to see a cow (bottom right pic) that one of my students was showing with his family's farm.
Student Ministry on Wednesday night!  Oh how I LOVE being back in student ministry! Our church calls it "Circl3".  I have to write more about this soon.  We are only in our 2nd week, and I'm loving it!
Green juice - every day!!  I actually LOVE this stuff now.  Weird, I know.  This is the recipe I use for my mean green.  Also, love that cup? Buy one of your own!  My friends Shea and Adam started an Etsy shop called "Mack Made" and they are both adorable and so is their shop.
Starbucks GOLD baby!  It took me awhile to reach this level, but I now feel like I've achieved one of life's greatest accomplishments.  HAHA!
Fall decor.  I didn't go crazy this year - just a few accents here and there!
And now, it's Sunday - which means time to gear up for another busy week ahead!

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