Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goal Setting

Before the Urbanathlon, Mindy had us set 3 goals for ourselves to work towards during our training.  Below are the three goals I chose.
I loved this because instead of an arbitrary date, like "lose 10 pounds by Christmas", there was a specific event I was working towards.  This way, even if I didn't quite make my goals, I was still competing in the event and working hard.  I always get frustrated with "10 pounds by Christmas" goals because I feel like they're easy to not achieve. 
Of my 3 goals, I achieved 2 of them.  I ran 4 miles without stopping.  I finished the race.  But, I didn't lose 20 pounds.  I did lose 15 though, so I'm not disappointed!
Now that the race is over, I decided to set myself 3 new goals for my next race.  This race will be the local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  Many members of my Urbanathlon crew are planning to reunite for this 5K!

My 3 new goals to work towards for the Turkey Trot are:
1. Run with an average pace of less than 10 minutes per mile.
2.  Lose the next 10 pounds.
3.  Be down a clothing size.

I'll keep ya posted!  Now..it's time to hit the treadmill! Hurricane Sandy was pretty nice to us here, but the rain is forcing my workout indoors!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I typically set those unspecific, unreasonable goals and it has helped me to think more realistic and smaller, attainable goals! Going to write mine out now... I am walking in a 5k Turkey trot also, so this has given me motivation! Thanks