Monday, October 29, 2012

Urbanathlon Details!

So, I did it! I completed the first leg of the Men's Health Urbanathlon! My total time for 3.2 miles and 3 obstacles was 39 minutes.  I'm really happy with this!  My goal was to complete it in under 45 minutes, because I wasn't sure how long the obstacles would take.  The last time I ran an "official" 5K was 2 years ago, and that took 47 minutes - so I'd say I've improved!
The race day was PERFECT weather for racing.  It wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold - plus it was cloudy so we didn't have to worry about sunglasses or anything.  All of the relay teams were able to start in the same wave, so that helped keep our energy up as we waited to start! 
For our leg, we ran about 1.75 miles of mostly flat terrain in the Flushing area of Queens before hitting the first obstacle.  This was a tire field, cargo net crawl combo.  Here's what they posted on the website for what it would look like:
It didn't look like this.  It was totally wimpy in comparison to this image.  There were about 10 rows of tires, followed by one cargo net (which was high enough to bend over and not crawl under), and then 10 more rows of tired.  I was unimpressed.
Then we ran another 1/2 mile or so before tackling the obstacle that had me the most nervous: "Over, Under, Through"  This obstacle was AWESOME.  Surprisingly, my favorite part was the under - crawling in the dirt!  It was a 5 foot wall you had to climb over (or in my case, be shoved over), then you had to army crawl under a wall, and then go through it.  Twice.  Here's a pic of the Chicago obstacle (which was the same in NYC)
After that, we ran the last of our leg and completed the "Traffic Jam" obstacle.  This obstacle was terrible.  It was more annoying than it was difficult.  It was a bunch of bungee cords strung like a spider web between poles.  This was new this year, and I hope they take it away!  It was dumb.
From there, we crossed the finish line and tagged our teammates, who headed into leg 2!
All in all, I felt completely prepared for this race.  It was fun to race without feeling nervous, and knowing that I wouldn't be last.  I actually got to run WITH the pack, instead of chasing behind them the whole time.  This was an awesome experience, and who knows - maybe next year I'll tackle the whole course!?
Here are some pics from the day!!
The leg 1 crew waiting to start!
Starting!  Can you find me? Orange shirt - my friend Alicia is in the orange shirt with the white headband, I'm behind her.
I'm the one in the orange shirt with the blue and green pants. This is somewhere around mile 1.
Finished our leg and cheering on our teammates at the marine hurdles!
My teammate, Laura, conquering the marine hurdles!
Our total time - under 2 hours and not last! Wahoo!
My amazing teammates after we finished!  Love these women!
Most of the Team Phases crew!  There were almost 40 of us!

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