Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Presents

I've received some interesting edible Christmas gifts this year.
First, my mom sent me a box of fresh California Mandarins and the most delicious dates (also fresh from CA)! 
Then, my grandma sent me this box of over a dozen pears. There are 4 kinds of pears in there, and they're all delicious!

But the best of all, was this bag of kale.  Yes, that's right - I received a bag of kale for Christmas.  This was from one of my co-workers, who always gives me a hard time for the weird (healthy!) foods I bring for lunch.  The other gals on my team got giant Hershey's Kisses - but I got kale.  Which, I'm glad for - a giant block of chocolate doesn't exactly fit into my calorie count! 
I love that the adults in my life have gotten me gifts that fit with my healthy lifestyle.  It makes up for the candy, sweet breads, cookies, and sugared pecans I've received from my students!
It's been interesting this year to tackle those types of gifts.  In the past, I pretty much ate every morsel of sugary goodness in about 2 days and then promised myself that I'd eat healthy after the holidays.  This year, I haven't done that!  I've sampled the treats, and then given the rest away.  I cut up a sweet bread I received and shared it at a holiday party.  I've added chocolate to the communal candy jar in our school office.  I've given things to co-workers with larger families they can share with. 
My basic strategy has been this:  I've sampled the stuff I really wanted and then I've gotten rid of the rest.  Just because it's "the holidays" doesn't mean I should fill myself with crap.  I deserve better than that, and so do you!

P.S. Looking for a last minute gift to give?  Make a batch of these Granola Covered Nut Clusters.  They are amazing - seriously, I can't stop eating them.  Plus, they're gluten free and vegan!  (But seriously, I promise they are delicious.)  I wouldn't categorize them as a health food, but they're a healthier alternative to traditional sugared nuts.




  1. Haha! John is reading your blog...remarks...First, I got mandarin oranges from my mom. "Wonder if her parents are divorced"!? Then, I got pears from my grandmother. "Which we'll end up paying for..." He is so funny! Just think, you get to spend five days with him!!!!

  2. Wonderful gifts! Eating healthy can be expensive, so this is also a financial blessing ;). Merry CHRISTmas!

  3. Great gifts! I was very thankful this year to not get as many sweets from students. I guess all of my "healthy eating" rants are sinking in :)