Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stitch Fix Review!

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  It's a new fashion and style service.  Their website describes it as: "Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. We get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. No two Fixes are alike. Each one is hand–picked just for you."

I first heard about it from Lauren at Traded Dreams.  Since I'm losing weight, I'm starting to experiment with some different styles of clothing and I thought this would be a fun way to try things that I might not ordinarily grab off the rack at the store. 

You head to the Stitch Fix website and fill out a style profile to sign up.  There is a $20 "Styling Fee" up front, but that is credited towards your purchase.  Once you schedule your first fix, you stalk the FedEx tracking code wait patiently for it to arrive.  Then, try on your new clothes.  You choose what items you'd like to keep.  The rest get placed into a prepaid envelope and mailed back to Stitch Fix!  Easy!

My first "fix" arrived yesterday, and I was positively giddy with excitement!

Your "Fix" arrives in a pretty box, all wrapped in tissue paper, with a card. 

Each item comes with a card attached that shows some different ways to wear it.  I love this idea!
Item #1 -  a blue wrap dress. 
I didn't even take a picture of it.  It was really low cut, which I could've solved by wearing something under it.  However, it was a little shorter and swingier than I like.  Plus, the material felt similar to a wrap dress I have from Target that I paid about $15 for on clearance, and this dress was $50.  I was sad.
Verdict: sending it back

Item #2 - a black scarf with little stars all over it
I LOVED this.  I love scarves and this one was fun and would go with a lot of things.  However, it was $38 and I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on a scarf.
Verdict: sending it back

Item #3 - navy peasant blouse
I liked this.  If it was on the clearance rack, I'd have bought it.  It was around $50 though, and for something that I just "liked" but didn't LOVE, it didn't seem worth it.
Verdict: sending back

Item #4 - black blouse
I loved this.  I really struggled with the decision for this one.  I liked the cut and the fit a lot.  I ended up deciding not to keep it.  Why?  Because I'm still losing weight and this piece wouldn't look the same in another 30 pounds.  If I was at my goal weight, I'd definitely have kept this one.
Verdict: (reluctantly) sending back

Item #5: color block cardigan
When I pulled this out of the box I actually gasped and went "I LOVE IT!"  I never would've picked this up in a store, but when I put it on, I knew it was a winner!  I love that it has the brown tone that will go with both brown and black.  Plus, the edges are sparkly thread (hard to see in the picture)!  The cardi is $68.  That's pretty pricey by my standards, but I love it.  Plus, because it's a boxier shape, as I lose more weight it will still fit but be more "boyfriend" style. 
Verdict: keeping and wearing immediately!
Overall, I LOVED my first fix! It was so fun to try on different things.  Plus, I didn't have to leave my house and I had all of my other clothes there.  Don't you hate it when you're in a store trying something on and wondering how it would look with a piece you have at home? 
I'll definitely be trying Stitch Fix again, and you should try too!  Plus, if you use the links I provided and sign up, I get a credit.  Then, share it with your friends and get your credits!


  1. Do you find they fit true to size? As a person who really dislikes shopping, I like this idea! :)

  2. Such an awesome service! I love that it came with the suggested styling card to help you see how it can work. The cardigan is adorable! Enjoy!

  3. Cute clothes, and truly-- you look so skinny!!!!

  4. Sounds like fun! Do they tell you where the clothes are made (so you know they don't come from a sweat shop)?