Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vegas, Baby!

I've been away from the blog for a few days because I was off visiting fabulous Las Vegas!  Though it is difficult having my parents all the way across the country in their motor home, I do get the benefit of visiting lots of fun new places!

I landed in Vegas at around 10:00am on Saturday morning.  Leaving behind the cold, snowy weather of the East was not difficult!  Especially when we were greeted with sunshine and blue skies upon landing!
We spent Saturday exploring the famous "Strip" - checking out the glitz and glam of the fancy hotels along the way.  It was fun to see such a unique city!  Plus, with all of the walking we did, I rung up over 16,000 steps!  (I played $1.00 in the penny slots too, but I didn't win!)

Banana Nutella Crepe at Paris! Yum!
My favorite day of the trip came on Sunday.  My dad pulled a muscle in his back, so my mom and I (being the kind souls we are), left him lying on a heating pad with some water and ibuprofen within reach.  We, meanwhile, headed off to the Valley of Fire to hike!  This place is BEAUTIFUL.  If you're ever in Vegas, I highly recommend renting a car for the day and doing some hiking out there.  I kept thinking about how this place just could not be real.  The sky was so blue and the colors of the rocks were so bright!  Step tally for the day? 14, 669 - including 5 miles of hiking trails!

I even squeezed in a little upper body strength work on the way - haha!
Monday was another blue sky day in the high 60's, so mom and I headed out again!  Dad was feeling a little better this day, but decided another day of rest was best.  Mom and I parked at the Lake Mead Visitor's Center and checked out the gorgeous views of Lake Mead.

From there, we walked to the Hoover Dam.  The trail was through several tunnels, and was a gravel trail similar to the "Rail Trail" here in York County, PA. 
We took a few pictures from the parking lot of the Hoover Dam up to the newly opened Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. 
Then we headed up the hill and took some shots from the bridge looking down at the Hoover Dam. 
That whole trip was a little over 9 miles.  Step count for the day?  21,802!

That evening, mom and I headed back to the Strip for some dinner and to check out the Mirage Volcano and Bellagio fountains, 2 "must see" attractions in Vegas!

Tuesday we went out for a good breakfast, and then spent about an hour in Urgent Care where my dad got some meds for his back (which is now better!).  Mom and I visited the organic grocery store, Sprouts, which we don't have here on the East coast.  I could've spent hours in there, but ended up with just a few "treasures" that were air travel friendly!

Wednesday was spent traveling back to the cold here in PA!  My kitties sure were glad to see me!  They were well taken care of while I was away (Thanks Ned and Jodie!), but they're always glad to have Mom come home!

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