Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fix #2

Last week I received my 2nd package from StitchFix - an online personal shopper kind of site.  The following are the items that were in my fix:
My thoughts...
1. The coral short sleeved cardigan:  I liked this item.  I think I'd get a lot of use out of it, the cut was great, loved the color.  However, it was $48 and I could definitely find a similar piece way cheaper at any number of stores. 

2. The aqua shirt:  Pulled this out of the box, laughed and thought "Yeah, not happening."  Put it on - and thought..."Maybe I don't look ridiculous.  And maybe I actually like this?!" - and when I posed this collage on Instagram and Facebook, the aqua shirt was a unanimous YES.  (more about it below)

3. The flower tank:  A.W.F.U.L.  The picture actually looks better than it looked in person. I know, it's bad.  It was way to flouncy, flowy, drapey.  Not happening.

4.  The blue blazer: loved it!  It was a knit blazer so it was suuuuuuuper comfy.  I sent it back though, because in about 25 pounds it will be baggy and not cut correctly. 

5.  The white shirt:  I loved this at first.  It was actually the item I thought I was going to keep.  Then, my stylish friend Lauren suggested I take a second look at the sleeves.  She was right - they were awkward looking.  Plus, a flowy v-neck white shirt would be easy to find at a lot of stores in the mall too.

In the end, the aqua shirt is the piece I kept.  This one really surprised me.  I thought I'd hate it!  I kept it for several reasons:  it is incredibly soft and comfortable, it's really flattering, I love the color, and I wouldn't have even tried this on in a store.

The shirt is also really versatile! 

Here I paired it with jeans and boots:

I wore it to church on Sunday with skinnies, zebra flats, and a fun necklace.

I can wear it with black yoga pants and sneakers for a comfy outfit.

I wore it to work with black dress pants.  The low slung wide belt was also a suggestion of Lauren's!  I love it!  It's totally out of my "style comfort zone" but that's what makes StitchFix fun!