Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Goals

Now that my "big race" is finished, it's time to start looking ahead and setting some new goals.  It feels great to have the pressure of distance training behind me.  My focus now will be working on my speed and strength.

Here's my upcoming race calendar so far...
4/6/2013     York Suburban Best Buddies 5k (local race - email me for info if you're interested)
4/20/2013   Joey Duffy 5k (localrace - email me for info if you're interested)
5/4/2013     Turkey Hill Country Classic 10K
6/1/2013     ZOOMA Annapolis 10K
6/15/2013   Run or Dye Color Run Philadelphia
8/10/2013   Dirty Girl Mud Run Baltimore
10/25/2013  Men's Health Urbanathlon New York City

(I am doing the Color and Mud runs on teams, if anyone is interested in joining - email me for info!)

I'm setting a few goals for these races:

1.  Have a 5K PR.  That means a 29:43 race.
2.  Complete a 10K in under an hour.  This might take awhile to accomplish, but I'm working on some speed/interval training to help with this.

3.  Be strong.  The "Dirty Girl" and the Urbanathlon both have obstacles, so I need to keep focusing on my strength training.

4.  HAVE FUN!  Races like the color run, mud run, and Urbanathlon are FUN.  Plus, I'm running them all with friends who make anything fun.  I'm excited for the variety in these races, too!

I'm also eyeing the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day, plus I'm sure some other races will find their way onto my calendar as well. 

Weight Goals

As far as weight goals go, I frequently get asked what my "ultimate" goal is.  Right now, that goal is 150 pounds for a total loss of 100 pounds. 

Since I'm currently at the lowest weight I've been since probably middle school, 174 pounds, I can't really put an exact number out there for a goal.  I don't know what my body will look and feel like at 150 pounds.  I might still have more I want to lose, I might not. 

I do know that I've been really inspired by Danni Allen, this season's "Biggest Loser" winner.  She and I started around the same weight, we are the same height, and only 5 years apart in age.  When she talked about her struggles with being overweight, I felt like I was listening to myself.  At the finale, her weight was 137 pounds.  So, I'm thinking somewhere in the 140s might be a good goal.  But, for now, I'm focusing on 150.  It's hard to believe I'm so close to my goal.  24 pounds to lose!

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