Thursday, March 7, 2013

Race Updates

The Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon is just 9 days away!!  I cannot believe it's almost here. It seemed like it was so far away for so long, and suddenly it's arrived!  I've run 10 miles twice and 11 miles once, so I'm confident I will do great at the race!

So, after that race - what's next?  I had originally planned to run the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon on June 1st.  Several of my pals are signed up to run the 10K, so after some pondering, I've decided to switch to the 10K too.

I signed up for the half to keep myself motivated.  But, as I look at the next few months and I'm getting invites to other fun 5K races, I don't think I need the half as motivation.  I also want to free myself up a little bit from the intense training.  It's hard to fit in the weekend classes at the gym when running long distances, plus I can't say "yes" to the shorter races because I have to get my miles in.

So, here's the race plan for now:
3/16/2013 - Rock 'N Roll Half (Washington, DC)
4/20/2013 - Joey Duffy 5K (local)
5/4/2013 - Turkey Hill Country Classic 10K (Lancaster)
6/1/2013 - Zooma 10K (Annapolis)
6/15/2013 - Run or Dye 5K (Philadelphia)
8/2013 - Rail Trail 10 Miler (local)

I'm excited for some fun races like the Run or Dye (a color run) and maybe doing a Dirty Girl Mud Run in August, too! 

I'm looking towards completing the whole Urbanathlon and doing the Atlanta Half Marathon in the fall, too!

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