Sunday, March 10, 2013


I don't know how it was where you live, but this weekend in Southern PA was beautiful!! 

I started my Saturday taking the "Athletic Challenge" class at my gym, which is a boot camp style class I've been wanting to take but haven't been able to due to weekend long runs.  On my way home, it was so beautiful out that I couldn't resist a run!  I got in 3.75 miles in the beautiful sunshine, then spent some time out on my patio.  I drank iced tea, read "Runner's World", and iced my knee.  Bliss!!

I ripped this page out of "Runner's World" - I was so excited when I saw it!! I'm super pumped for this year's Urbanathlon.  Last year I did one of the three parts, but this year I'm tackling the whole thing! This page is on my fridge for motivation.

Sunday started with a 6 mile run with my awesome training pals.  This was our last run together before the big race on Saturday!  We chatted the whole time, and at the end found ourselves thinking how quickly the miles went.  I guess after running 11, 6 miles doesn't seem so bad.

We then headed to our gym for a Centergy class, which is a mix of Tai Chi, yoga, and pilates.  The class was followed by a nutrition seminar taught by my friend, Kate. (who gave me the recipe for the cookies I shared Friday)  This was a GREAT seminar!
I came home and spent some more time outside.  This guy was pretty happy about being outside, too.  My other cat was busy guarding the catnip plant.
Then, I made my lunches for the week.  I decided to do something different this week instead of my usual "salad in a jar".  I mixed up some farro, kale, swiss chard, lemon, and tomato/basil goat cheese. 
Now I'm chilling out with some NetFlix documentaries.  I watched "Hungry for Change" last week and am currently watching "Vegucated". 
How was your weekend?

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  1. I'd love to read what you think of Vegucated. It's on the the catalysts for the vegan journey I'm currently on.