Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals

It's hard to believe it's already time for new monthly goals!  2013 is flying by so far!!

Here's a check in with my March goals:
  1.  Get more sleep - I did okay with this for the first two weeks, but then with the "big race" and the time change, I ended up getting about 6 hours of good sleep each night.  I am still working on it!
  2. Consistent weekly runs - The 2 weeks leading up to the half, I did okay with this.  The 2 weeks after the half, I did great!  I ran 3-4 miles several times both weeks.  It felt great!
  3. Stop spending calories on empty food.  I did not hit the chocolate at work for over a week straight!  I'm getting better at spreading my calories across my day more so I don't end up with 300 calories I can use for chocolate at the end of the day.

And now for some fresh goals for April:
  1. PR (Personal Record) in a 5K
  2. Run a mile in under 9 minutes (9:09 is my fastest mile so far)
  3. Weekly speed work runs
  4. Consistent 1400-1600 calorie days.  I've been going towards the 1800-2000 calorie days too frequently and it's slowing my progress.
  5. No TV during the week.  I was great about this all school year but have slacked off a little in the last month.  Skipping TV during the week really helps me stay organized, gives me more time for reading, and I think I sleep better too.
  6. Try more new recipes!  I have so many fun recipes pinned on my Pinterest Recipe board that I want to try, but I've been getting stuck in a rut.  I'm great at making one person meals, but I want to get back to trying new recipes.
Fun hiking at Walnut Creek Park in Charlottesville, VA over Easter with my college pal, Kellie!


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