Thursday, April 11, 2013


Sometimes I think eating junk food is a good idea...

It's almost 90 degrees in April.  I'm running along the trail getting started on a tempo run.  I'm excited because the weather is finally warm.  So warm, in fact, that I'm running in a tank top and shorts.  I'm especially excited about the shorts - because it's fun to be able to run in shorts without chafing (sorry if that's TMI, but I know there are a bunch of you out there who know what I mean!). 

Then I hit about mile 1.5 and my legs turn to lead.  I can feel the junk food sloshing around in my stomach and I am immediately angry at myself for eating it.  And I'm not talking just a handful of junk.  I'm talking 3 donut holes, a handful of M&M's, several Hershey miniatures, pretzels, goldfish crackers, other chocolate, a handful of chocolate covered almonds...I could go on. 

The funny thing is, I used to eat like this pretty frequently.  Gee, I wonder why I weight 250 pounds?!?  But, I haven't eaten like this in a long time and I could feel it!

I'm running along, trying to do a speed workout, and all I can feel is junk food.  Between the heat, my lead legs, and my junk food belly - I just quit.  For the first time since I really started running, I stopped and started walking.  I walked about a half mile of the run - and the more I walked, the angrier I got, and the faster I walked - until I started running again. 

I felt awful and gross.  I was mad at myself because I ate all of that crap.  I was mad at myself because I quit running.  But yet, I also thought about this:  I started running again.  I was running in SHORTS.  I've lost 76.8 pounds.  I had ONE bad day.

Funny, the topic at youth group last night was "choices" - and how the little choices we make add up to big things.  The little choice I made to eat one piece of junk food, and then the little choice to eat another, and another - and before I knew it, I had gone overboard. 

It's true - with every small GOOD choice you make, it gets easier to make GOOD choices.  And the same goes for bad choices. 

So, if you feel like making the good choice is exhausting - it is.  But I promise, with each good choice you make, it will get easier!  And then when you do make the bad choice (hello junk food mania!!), you will feel it...and you'll remember why you started making those GOOD choices in the first place.


  1. I agree. And last week was a really great week and I noticed a really big GOOD difference on race day. Call me a food nerd but I believe food can be poison or medicine :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! Its a thousand times harder to stop than to not start: something I try and tell myself when I'm about to make that not so great choice. Not that it always works, lol