Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Are Runners

The entire running community has been tweeting and posting about Boston for weeks. Not because of tragedy, but because of triumph - because just qualifying to run Boston is a feat few of us will ever accomplish. So yesterday, runners everywhere were watching TV coverage and tracking finish times like NCAA fans do during March Madness.

But, of course, that all changed in an instant. Suddenly, instead of tracking finish times, people were using those sites to locate loved ones. Instead of running towards the finish, people were fleeing in fear.

So today, runners around the world are uniting - we are wearing race shirts and/or blue and yellow to support our fellow runners in Boston. We will run our runs today for Boston.

Running isn't known as a "team sport", but it is. If you're a runner, we're on the same team. We root for each other, encourage each other, help each other, and when we don't know what else to do - we run for each other.

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