Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Recap (4/14/2013)

It's a new week and the weather around here lately has been FANTASTIC!  Seriously - this weekend?!  Can the weather be like this ALWAYS?  It was in the mid-60's with blue sky and sunshine yesterday - perfect running weather!

Last week was kind of a killer though - it was state testing week here in PA!  Some schools split it into two weeks, and are still testing this week, but we did all 6 sessions last week.  It was nice to be back to a normal routine today!

Here's some happenings and my workouts from the week:

My first order from iHerb!  They sell a lot of great organic/natural products online, including some of my favorite nut butters that aren't in my local stores.  They also sell bulk spices, teas, supplements, grocery items, plus tons of other stuff!  Check it out and use the discount code JHM501to receive $10 off! (Plus shipping is free on orders over $40)

Two of my favorite things from this order were the Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter and the Cacao Bliss.  I'm a big fan of Justin's, and the chocolate almond butter they make is one of my favorites.  The vanilla is so good too!!  The Cacao Bliss - OMG...this tastes like an Almond Joy. It's basically cacao flavored coconut butter.  It is high in fat, but REALLY low in sugar (which surprised me because it tastes really sweet).  I've been putting a tablespoon in my Green Monster in the morning and I feel like I'm drinking an Almond Joy.

Made this "Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad" for lunch with some of my gal pals on Saturday.  It was yummy - I'll post the recipe this week!

One of the fun things about losing weight has been breaking out of my fashion comfort zone.  Purple pants with a mustard cardi?  Wouldn't have done that before.  It's so much fun!!

Ate my breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside on Sunday.  Plus spent a lot of time outside running, mowing, and doing schoolwork!  It was perfect!!

Quinoa for breakfast Sunday.  Seriously, quinoa is awesome.  This breakfast quinoa was a little bit of Justin's vanilla almond butter, cinnamon, craisins, and banana.  I also had quinoa in a burrito for lunch.  I love me some quinoa!!

Monday: 3.1 miles (32:43 - ran on a cross country course for the 1st time, it was tough!!)
Tuesday: 1.2 miles + strength circuit (whole body)
Wednesday: 3.0 miles (the day of the junk food incident - ugh, bad memories!)
Thursday: whole body strength circuit
Friday: 3.25 miles (34:47, ran with my training pals so we could vent our stress from the week!)
Saturday: REST (felt so good!!)
Sunday: 5 miles (50:50 - felt great!)

One of the best parts of the past few days is that I've gotten over 8 hours of sleep the past 3 nights!!!  I love my sleep!!  Here's to a new week!!  Anyone doing anything fun??

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  1. Love the outfit with the yellow sweater!!! Quite a workout week...great job!!! Love you!