Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Recap + Progress Update

 On Monday, my favorite local running store (Flying Feet) hosted a Run For Boston event along with running stores across the country.  There were around 200 people there to run/walk 2 miles for Boston!

 Wednesday morning I hit another scale milestone! 80 pounds lost!  I've never seen the 160's on the scale before - so exciting!!

Friday night and Saturday I was in Pittsburgh with Girlfriend Getaway, the women's ministry team I work with.  We had a great weekend of worship, teaching, eating, and laughing!

Saturday night I spent an hour and 40 minutes at this magnificent Whole Foods north of Pittsburgh.  It was blissful!!  I spent a good 30 minutes in the produce and bulk section alone.  Then I piled a plate with goodies from their salad and hot bar for dinner!  I have a whole blog coming on this trip alone - it was so fun for me!!

Workout Recap:
Mon - 2 runs: 3.06 hilly route with a friend, then 2 for Boston
Tue - strength
Wed - 3.1 in 29:33 (tempo run!)
Thur - strength + 30 min elliptical
Fri - 3 miles
Sat - rest
Sun - 6.2 miles

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