Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Recap

It was a pretty nice weekend here in Southern PA!  I think we've finally put winter behind us.  It was sunny and in the 50s/60s this weekend!  It was windy, but at least it wasn't snowing!!!

Saturday I did a local 5k with my running pals, Dawn and Laura.  I finished at right around 30:00.  My 5k PR is 29:43, so I was really close!  The course was REALLY hilly, so I'm pleased with that time!

The rest of my workout week looked like this:
Monday: 4 miles (in 39 minutes - a record!)
Tuesday: strength training + 3.17 miles with Barb and Laura (easy miles on a flat trail)
Wednesday: 3 miles (this run was awful - it was so windy!!)
Thursday: strength training
Friday: rest day (I did walk 1.8 miles at a really slow pace, just to enjoy the sunshine!)
Saturday: 5k race (30:00)
Sunday: 4 miles (40:36)

This week, the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!  I even saw 80 on the 10 day forecast!  Woah baby!  I'm going to try my first real trail run.  Trail running is something I want to start doing to mix it up.  I might take a boxing class at the gym on Friday, too.  

Here's to a new, SPRING week!  What's on your schedule this week?

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