Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Recap

Happy Sunday!  It's a beautiful, though a little chilly, day here in PA!  I enjoyed the sunshine with a hike this afternoon.  My knee has been acting up this week so I wanted to give it a break from pounding the pavement!  This is the view from one of the areas on my hike.


This week marked the fastest 5k I've ever done!  It wasn't an official race.  This was done on the day of the Boston marathon, when many runners (including myself) did our runs for the day for Boston.

Saturday morning I ran a 5k with some friends.  My "official time" was just over 30 minutes.  However, my RunKeeper app had me at 3.35 miles - so it was .2 more than a 5k!  This was a cross country course, which provided some challenges, but was also a good change from the road.

Today I prepped my salads for the week!!  Last week, I took a salad break.  I ate turkey wraps, PopChips, and cut up veggies for lunch every day.  Today I prepped these bad boys.  Pomegranate Vinaigrette, butter beans, feta cheese, balsamic chicken, cukes, carrots, and spinach! 

This week's workouts:
Monday - 3.1 run
Tuesday - 2.62 (1/10 of a marathon for Boston!) and strength
Wednesday - 3.1 run (intervals)
Thursday - strength + 30 minutes on the elliptical
Friday - rest
Saturday - 5k race + 1 hour boot camp class
Sunday - 3.3 hike