Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When It's Tough

I was feeling a bit of a funk today.  It is "weigh-in Wednesday", and after a few weeks of being less careful with my food, I was up a half pound.  Now, that's not much - and I know there's a million factors that contribute to it, and I was actually expecting a little more of a gain.  In some ways, it was good to let go a little.  But, I get frustrated by the gains, too. 

Then I went for a run after school.  I went to a local park that has great, paved, measured paths.  The wind was AWFUL.  I was supposed to be doing speed intervals, but I ended up just plain running.  At mile 1, I seriously contemplated quitting.  My legs were tired, I was on my 3rd say in a row of running, but I just kept repeating "the only way you get better is to keep going" in my mind. 

See, this journey isn't just about the times you lose 5 pounds in a week or run the fastest you've ever run.  It's about the days like this - when the scale goes the wrong way and your legs feel like lead and you've picked this day to eat no chocolate.  These are the days that make you or break you.  These are the days where my old self would've stopped at Sheetz on the way home and ordered a burrito and fries, and probably gotten something for dessert too.  But I didn't quit at mile 1, and I didn't stop for fast food, and even though I'm still tired - I'm proud that I made the right choices.  That's what the journey is about - taking one step at a time in the right direction. 

And really - I've come a long way, baby! 

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