Friday, May 24, 2013

Adventures in Homeowning

Last night, after returning from the gym and eating a yummy dinner (salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, goat cheese, and balsamic), I started doing the dishes.  I noticed the water wasn't getting hot.  It usually does take quite a while for my hot water to come out because the hot water heater is in the front corner of the basement and all of the sinks are on the opposite side of the house - go figure.  But, this was just plain not heating up.

Last summer, my basement had leaked in a severe rain storm and I'd ripped out a bunch of carpet and made sure everything on the floor was in plastic.  In the carpet ripping process, I had bumped the temperature adjustment on the water heater and it was pretty cool - so I thought perhaps this had happened again somehow.

But no - when I went downstairs I discovered this:


Water on the floor + no hot water = something wrong with the water heater.  
I proceeded to drag all of my plastic bins away from the area, cut and tear out more carpet and padding that was wet, dragged that up the stairs and out to the trash. (side note: if you have an UNFINISHED basement, why would you ever put down decent carpet with padding?!? Thanks, previous homeowner) But anyway, I used the trusty shop vac to suck up the water (yes, Isaac, you were right - we DID need that shop vac) and proceeded to call someone to come fix my water heater.  2 calls later, my "regular guy" is coming on TUESDAY. 

In this process, I learned how to empty my hot water heater tank.  (Thanks for helping me with that, Pringle!) So, I resign myself to a few days of cold showers because at least I'm blessed to have a house at all, right? I head upstairs, preparing myself for a fast and freezing shower before bed - I'm exhausted.  
Well, I turn on the shower and guess what?  Since I don't have separate nozzles for hot and cold - there's no water at all.  I end up washing my hair (with cold water) in the sink - and myself too.  

Finally, around 11:00, I get to sleep.  

I wake up this morning, head downstairs, wet vac a little more water that finished leaking out last night and come upstairs to start breakfast.  And I see this:
That's a bat.  Seriously?!  For 32 years of my life, I never, ever remember a bat in any house I've lived in.  So, I hide in the doorway to my basement while furiously Googling "how to get rid of a bat" on my phone.
Do you know what is suggested?  CATCH THE BAT IN A TOWEL.  Um - that?  Not happening.

I grabbed a towel to cover my head - because I had this vision of the bat attacking me and getting caught in my hair - headed outside to grab my broom (yes, with the towel on my head), and proceeded to cower in fear in my dining room (when I snapped the picture). 

I took the broom and smacked the bat.  It did NOT fly out the back door, but rather, landed on the kitchen floor looking a little stunned.  I worked up some more courage and used my broom to whack the bat towards the door again.  This time it seemed to wake up and flew straight out the back door.  

Thank goodness it is Friday!!!! 
(and don't worry, I'll be showering at the gym this weekend)


  1. You handled this much better than I would have. Very proud of you and sorry you had to deal with this mess alone.

    That is one scary HUGE bat!!

  2. Jess,
    Why don't you consider replacing the gas hot water heater with an electric tankless hot water heater or a tankless gas water heater? The electric heater could be placed in the back of your basement closer to the electric box and closer to the kitchen and to the bathroom. Or you could replace it with a gas tankless water heater where the old hot water heater was. Tankless is less expensive to run and only heats water as you need it. With a tank water heater, you're are heating up 30 to 50 gal. of hot water and maintaining it all the time.

  3. The bat story is too funny!! And I have a similar story!! A couple years ago my family went to Yosemite on vacation and one morning we woke up to a bat in the kitchen and we did the EXACT SAME THING as you haha:) We got a broom (actually, I hid in a bathroom...but my dad got a broom) and managed to get it out of the house. It was the craziest thing haha;)