Friday, May 24, 2013

Lessons in Craving - Part 2

In yesterday's post, I shared with you about my Sunday meltdown.  I actually wrote that post on Monday, and I thought today I'd give you a little follow-up now that it's been a few days.

First, I started reading the Made to Crave 60-Day Devotional on Sunday night. If you've been around this blog for any length of time, you'll know that Made to Crave is my #1 book when it comes to getting your mindset right for getting healthy.

This devotional....oh man.  I love how this has been on my "someday I'll read it" list for so long, but really it was on the "you'll need this at exactly this time" list for God.  He always knows, doesn't He?

I'm 5 days into the devotional and just really soaking in the TRUTH in this little book.  I'm feeling so much more at peace.  You know that phrase "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"?  I don't think that's true - because chocolate cake with peanut butter icing tastes REALLY good.  But, I do believe this:

Nothing tastes as good as peace feels.  One of my highlights from the devotional this week was this: "Remember, our ultimate goal is peace - physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

It's true.  My ultimate goal isn't a number on the scale or a size to wear or a speed for a mile.  My ultimate goal is to feel peace in my obedience to God in how I am treating my body.  

And nothing - not even chocolate cake with peanut butter icing - tastes as good as feeling that peace.

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