Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals

A check-in with my April goals :
  1. PR (Personal Record) in a 5K - done!  Not "officially" (as in, at a race) but I ran 3.1 in 28:11 this month - my fastest yet!
  2. Run a mile in under 9 minutes - done! I ran an 8:58 mile at a 5K race I did this month.  My average pace is now consistently between 9:30-10:30!
  3. Weekly speed work runs - done!  I alternated between speed intervals and tempo runs.
  4. Consistent 1400-1600 calorie days - pretty good!  I averaged closer to 1700 calories a lot of days, but I really started to work at trimming out some extras.
  5. No TV during the week - done!  Except last night, but we took our 5th graders on a field trip to Gettysburg and I was exhausted when I got home!
  6. Try more new recipes - done!  I even created a few like Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad, bowls, and a shrimp recipe I'll have for you later this week. I reviewed some recipes I tried from Pinterest, too!
  7. Reach 169 pounds - done! 
  8. Fit in size 8 pants - done!

It felt awesome to have so many check marks on my goal board this month!  Also, I had a ton of stars on my workout calendar too!

My May goals are a little more extensive.  I'm actually setting them for May 1st (which, btw, it is CRAZY that it's already MAY!!) through June 7th, which is the day after school ends and I fly out to Colorado to spend some time with my parents.  Then I'll set some summer goals after that.

May Goals:
  1. 5K PR - I'm pretty sure when you're a runner, this is just a goal you always have.
  2. 10K in under 1:05 - I have my first 10K race on Saturday!
  3. 1400-1600 calorie days - I'm keeping this goal from last month.  As I inch closer to my goal weight, this becomes even more important!
  4. Weekly hill work - I'm going to replace my weekly speed workouts with hill workouts.  Hill workouts end up being speed workouts in disguise, plus they really strengthen your leg muscles.  They'll also be good preparation for the ZOOMA Annapolis 10K in June, which has some hills!
  5. No weekday TV - another maintenance goal.
  6. Bed by 10:00pm - as the school year winds to a close, I'm increasingly tempted to stay up late - figuring I'll catch up on sleep when summer gets here.  But, I need to get my rest so I can keep up with training!
  7. No eating after 8:00pm - because seriously, nothing good gets eaten after 8:00pm.  I'm never craving a salad at this time.  
  8. Calorie count every day.  On Saturday, I gave myself a count free day - which I definitely enjoyed and needed!  But, like with my sleep, as the school year winds down, I am tempted to indulge more.  I really want to reach my goal sooner, rather than later, so I need to stay on top of things.  Plus, June 7th I leave for vacation so I'll be taking it easier with my counting then!
  9. 159 pounds.  This is a big one, and this goal is the reason for pretty much every other goal on the list.  They will all help me to reach this one!  
Sounds tough - but I have an extra week to knock these bad boys out!  Bring it on, May!

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