Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Recap

Can you believe it's already the last week in May?  I though April went by quickly, but May flew!! I spent the last weekend of the month doing the same thing I did the first weekend - running a race!

Saturday I raced in the River Run 5k.  This race starts in Wrightsville, PA on the western side of the Susquehanna River.  It runs out and back 1.5 miles across the Veterans Memorial Bridge to the town of Columbia, PA on the east side of the river.

The course starts with a 1/10 mile steep downhill and is then completely flat until you run the same 1/10 mile UPhill to the finish.

It was a bit chilly for a late May race, and quite windy, but the sunshine was plentiful! (the top pic was taken the night before when I picked up my race bib)

This nice, flat course was a record breaker for me!  An average pace of 8:48?!?  My first mile was 8:25!!  This is me - the girl who did a 17+ mile in high school! 

I finished the race in 28:14.  That's an official race record for me.  I did run a 28:11 5k on my own once, but if you notice - the GPS clocked me at 3.2 miles.  So at 3.1 I actually would've been under 28:11 anyway.  


It was a great race!  I was all by myself, so this is my official picture - haha!  Also, that shirt?  I got it for free! The website Today's Miles sells these fun shirts with different mileage markers on them.  If you use the code "RUNFREE" - you get a FREE short sleeved shirt.  You just pay shipping, which is around $6.  Not bad!


Monday - ran 2 miles (was semi-resting, ran a timed mile for 8:35)
Tuesday - strength training, then met Laura for some bleacher climbing and track laps
Wednesday - ran 3.18
Thursday - strength + 30 minutes cardio
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 5K Race + Boot Camp class at the gym
Sunday - 90 minutes walking (5.8 miles) while streaming Scandal on Netflix!

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