Friday, June 28, 2013

Back At It

 I wrote a few weeks ago that I was taking a break from the calorie counting and my BodyMedia armband tracking for the month of June. 

June's not over yet, but I'm back to tracking!


In my previous blog, I said I wasn't stepping on the scale until July 1.  Well, clearly, I made the leap a little early.

Last week, I started feeling ready to get my focus back.  I started by simply recording what I ate. Nothing fancy, just jotting down what I ate and when. 

Then, on Monday I knew I was actually ready to jump back into things.  Since Wednesday has always been my "weigh in" day so on Wednesday I hopped on the scale to see where I was at.

I was pretty please to see that with a solid month of no calorie counting, my weight basically stayed the same!  I went up 2/10 of a pound - nothing major.  That was a great feeling - to know that I maintained for a solid month without really working "too hard" at it!  

The break felt great - and I didn't fall off the wagon.  I didn't go back to my old habits. No stops at fast food when I was hungry, pizzas when I didn't feel like cooking, or buying myself pieces of cake as a "treat". That is priceless!!

I've got my eye on the prize and I'm excited to buckle down and get rid of these last 20 pounds!


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