Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Birthday

Saturday was my 32nd birthday!  It's hard to believe I'm 32.  I still feel 25...and I act 14.  Haha!!  I spent my 32nd birthday doing many of my favorite things - here's a little recap!
The day started out with the ZOOMA Annapolis 10k. (a full recap of the race is coming this week)

After some post race showers, we headed to downtown Annapolis to shop at two delightful stores.
 Seasons is an oil and vinegar store.  I use balsamic vinegar to add lots of flavor without lots of calories to so many things I cook.  This place had vinegar in every flavor imaginable - coconut, lemongrass, maple, cinnamon, dark chocolate - oh my!  I ended up with a grapefruit white balsamic and blood orange olive oil.

The Spice & Tea Exchange has tons of spice mixtures and rubs as well as loose leaf teas.  I chose small packets of Moroccan, fish grilling, and ginger teriyaki spices, as well as blueberry black tea, coconut oolong tea, and mango green tea. Yum!

We then enjoyed lunch on the deck of the Middleton near the docks in Annapolis.  We "rehydrated" with some crushes (grapefruit and orange) and good food!  I had a goat cheese appetizer and some scallop sliders.  Delish!

Of course, I couldn't head home without stopping at the Whole Foods in Annapolis!  This is a HUGE store - it's a good thing I went there on a full stomach!

I stopped in search of this delicious Unsweetened Vanilla SoDelicious - and was extra excited to find that it was on sale!  I stocked up! :)
After a trip to the Greek Food Festival for dinner, I ended my night watching Scandal on Hulu!  I can't believe I haven't been watching this show all along.  Don't worry - I'm all caught up and anxiously awaiting Season 3!!