Sunday, June 2, 2013

Real Food - A Change in Focus

This was my Sunday morning brunch.  Chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup, berries, and coffee. 

Mentally, I've been getting really hung up on numbers lately - weight, calories, distance, speed, time, etc.  Despite continued quality exercise and calorie counting, the scale has gone the wrong direction for 2 weeks in a row. I know from the details I keep track of that weight gain is mathematically impossible.  

So I took of my BodyMedia armband on Friday morning, and I stopped counting my calories. I didn't quit this journey though, make no mistake - this is not over.  The thing is, I've said all along that I never plan to live my life counting every speck of food I eat.  This is a LIFE change - not some diet.  

I decided to spend the month of June focusing on something other than calories and my weight on the scale.  I'm still going to track my exercise and try to run longer and faster - because that's fun for me.  I'll still eat proper portions and quality, clean foods.  But I'm not entering a single calorie into MyFitnessPal.  I'm not stepping on a scale until July 1.  My friend Laura and I even made a pact about it!

The reason I'm showing you a picture of my brunch does have to do with this shift.  I woke up thinking "I'm making pancakes for breakfast.  And dang it, I'm not going to make them with egg whites and coconut flour and worry about low calories - I'm making them with REAL food."

This struck me as funny because when I said "real food", I was thinking I was cheating.  These pancakes - made with "real food" are still a far cry from the ones I used to make with Bisquick, or when I homemade them, with white flour, cow's milk, and white sugar.  My "real food" pancakes used whole wheat flour, an egg, unsweetened coconut milk, vanilla, and baking soda.  Guess what?  That is real food.  It's healthy, whole, good for you, clean, REAL food.

That's my focus this month - not the calories.  The focus is to eat when I'm hungry, and to choose whole, healthy, good, REAL food - still keeping my portions in check, but not worrying to death over it.

I've been eating clean for months.  I've been focusing on choosing quality ingredients.  I do my best to avoid processed foods.  These pancakes were just a reminder that what defines good food for me now is real food, so maybe I don't have to be hung up on how many calories every little thing contains. Maybe, just maybe, I'm conquering this beast of a food struggle.


  1. Ooooh, looks so good! I think the no numbers month is a great plan. And it will be a good test run for "maintenance," too!

  2. Jess--

    I can't agree with you more! Real food is the biggest key to eating healthy, so much so that when I talk with my clients and they ask about food I just tell them to eat as much real food as possible.

    I'm sure you've got plenty of things planned now that school is out, but if you want to read a great book about eating real food, I can't recommend enoug ph that you give "Real Food" by Nina Planck a look. It completely changed the way I think about food. I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for you this month. I bet the real food tactic will pay off in a big way!