Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Recap

Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyy SUMMER!!!  One of the things I've been most excited about for summer is the ability to try the classes my gym offers during the day.

But the one thing I am NOT loving about summer is running in this heat!!!  It's seriously awful.  I run in the morning or evening and stay extra hydrated to try to combat the heat a bit.  Anyone have any magical tips for running in heat and humidity?

Another cool opportunity I had last week was to attend a free session of Gruver Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp. Gruver Fitness is run by Jeremy Gruver, who was a friend of mine in high school and my 11th grade homecoming date!  After losing over 100 pounds, Jeremy started his Outdoor Boot Camp with just 2 members.  He now has 7 sessions during the week and over 80 members!  We "ran" into each other at a race in January.  As you can see, we've both changed a lot since 1997!

Workout Recap:
Monday: strength program + boot camp at the gym
Tuesday: run + Gruver Fitness boot camp
Wednesday: "Got 15 Minutes?" (high intensity interval class) at the gym + strength program
Thursday: run (30 minutes + 15 minutes hills) + 1.5 mile hike + WAR class at the gym
Friday: Blended class at the gym (20 minutes each of Zumba, Step, and weights) + strength program + yoga
Saturday: Rest (sort of - I did a half hour of yoga and took a 45 minute walk)
Sunday: 5 mile run

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