Monday, June 3, 2013

Zooma Recap

Friday afternoon, some girlfriends and I traveled to Annapolis, MD to participate in the ZOOMA Women's Running Series 10k.

Packet pick-up for the race was at the Loew's Hotel.  Something I thought was great with this race was that there were no pre-assigned bib numbers.  When you gave them your name, they grabbed a bib from the pile and typed in the number then.  Smart and time saving!  They had some great female targeted vendors.  I bought a super comfy shirt from Fellow Flowers! I love it!  The one complaint other runners had was that you had to pay $5 to park at the hotel.  Luckily for us, my friend Kate's husband Dave dropped us off!

Saturday, June 1st dawned hot and humid in Annapolis, MD for ZOOMA!
Here we are before heading to the start!

Waiting for the start!  There were no corrals, so we chose a spot semi-close to the front to avoid weaving around too many people.

The course started at Navy-Marine Stadium.  It eventually made its way down Main St. Annapolis - where I resisted the urge to stop racing and hightail it into one of the ice cream shops!!

The real problem on this course was the lack of water.  There was a water stop around mile 2, and then the next one wasn't until after mile 4.  This wouldn't be a problem normally.  I can run 10K with no water stops on a regular day, but this day was so hot and humid that I could feel the effects of lack of water. 

The race then hit its most challenging part - the Naval Academy Bridge.  At the top of the bridge, the 10k runners turned around and headed back down.  The half marathoners kept going over the bridge, circled around the other side for a few miles and then had to come back and tackle the bridge a second time.  I was REALLY REALLY glad that I dropped to the 10k at that point!!
Up the bridge...

...and back down the bridge

The view going over the bridge!

Finished - in my fuchsia sparkly sequin skirt! (I sewed it - using this tutorial)

Here we are - finished! 

Overall, it was a great race.  This was my first running event that was designed for women, and I have to say - it was a lot of fun!  The racers were so colorful, lots of running skirts and sparkles!  We got yoga mats, water bottles, 2 shirts, and a finisher necklace instead of a medal - great swag! 

The big problems were the lack of water and the fact that after the race we found out someone misdirected us and the course was 1/4 mile short!  I wasn't running for a PR since it was so hot, so I didn't mind, but I know a lot of people were writing on Facebook and Twitter about how upset they were.  ZOOMA is a national running series, so I'm sure they'll be doing everything they can to ensure that it doesn't happen again!!

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