Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are You Repainting or Remodeling?

On my Saturday "rest day", I was taking a walk while listening to my favorite podcast - The Jillian Michaels Show.  On this particular show (the episode from June 10, 2013 if you're interested in listening!), they were discussing the search for the "quick fix".  Jillian was talking about how so many magazines give us the "lose 7 pounds in 7 days" or "drop 20 pounds fast" type of articles because people are always searching for the magic, easy fix.

When it comes to my weight loss, I often get asked "How have you done it?" When I reply "I exercise regularly and eat healthy" - the look on a lot of people's faces is often one of disappointment.  I think people are often hoping I'll offer the quick fix - that I'll answer I took this pill or I drank this shake.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen. I work hard - that's the magic fix.

(sorry for the language - but it's true!)

Jillian brings up this point: Why do we want the quick fix?  If you've been overweight for years, why are you hoping to take the weight off so quickly?  Why can't we celebrate the slow weight loss? (this resonates with me especially since I've been working at it for 2 years and I'm still 20 pounds from goal - and I'm okay with that!)

Janice (Jillian's producer) responded to Jillian's points with this analogy - It's the difference between putting a coat of paint in your bathroom or remodeling your bathroom.  Remodeling your bathroom takes FOREVER, whereas if I throw on some paint, it's automatic - oh it looks great and I love it! 

I love that analogy!!!  My friend Michelle and I have often said that one of the reasons we love painting a room in our houses is because of the instant gratification!  With that first brush stroke you immediately see results.

That's what a lot of us are looking for in weight loss.  We want the instant gratification - the 10 pounds lost in the first week without feeling deprived!  But let me tell you - it ain't that easy. 

This picture spans 2 full years.  It's taken me that long to lose 80 pounds and I have 20 more to go.  I'm okay with that because this time, I didn't go looking for a quick fix.  I just started to work hard.  I stopped eating crap all the time.  It isn't easy.  Sometimes it just downright sucks.  But it's worth it.

So stop looking for the quick fix. Put down the shakes and the pills. Lace up your sneakers and go for a walk.  Go to the grocery store and buy fruits, veggies, whole grains, and fresh food!  Get started today - you won't regret it!


  1. This is just what I needed to hear, Jess. I feel like I'm always stuck in the repainting mode...always looking for the quick fix and then bemoaning when I gain all of my weight back. Thanks for this post. :)

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