Friday, July 5, 2013

#PoweredByBits Product Review

I was recently given the chance to sample a new type of fuel source that is all kinds of trendy on social media.

Energy Bits are little pill shaped tabs of 100% organically grown spirulina algae. Given that most fuels come in the form of sugary gel or sugary chew, I was curious about these little green bits.

They are 1 calorie per tab, and since the algae is harvested and grown like traditional vegetables, bits are food - not supplements.  


Energy Bits claim that they "boost energy and performance" - and they do it with NO caffeine, sugar, or artificial junk.  Just algae.

Me too.

The nice folks at Energy Bits sent me a sample after I made friends with them on Twitter.  They're super active on social media and do a great job of answering questions and promoting. 

The sample was enough bits for 2 tries, since they recommend taking 30 at a time.


My first try was Sunday morning.   
I had a half an Ezekiel muffin with some almond butter and jelly, and 30 bits.  I set out for 5 miles at about 9:00am.  

I'd read lots of reviews on Energy Bits, and people made claims of feeling pretty much like superheros after the bits kicked in.

I felt no such superhero powers.  

I trudged my way through 5 miles in really high humidity and temps in the high 80s.  I was slow, and didn't feel any major change in energy.  But then again, the humidity was awful.  Admittedly - I didn't feel as terrible as I thought I would, so I could credit that to the bits.


My second try was Tuesday morning.  
This time I took the bits on an empty stomach, right after I woke up.

Now, typically I like to eat breakfast first thing or I get sick to my stomach.  But, I was able to run 3.1 miles on nothing but 30 bits of algae!  I wasn't hungry, I didn't feel like I wasn't properly fueled, and they didn't upset my stomach or make me feel shaky like some sugary gels.  I had a great run!  Still no superhero powers, but it was definitely the best run I've had this summer.

Energy Bits pros: 
- I can eat them on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and they fuel me for a run.
- They have NO artificial ingredients or sugar.
- They are 100% organic.
- They're portable and easy to take.

Energy Bits cons:
- They are EXPENSIVE. $115 for a bag of 1,000.  Yes - you read that right - over a hundred bucks! However, some of their brand ambassadors, like Linz, offer coupon codes for 30% off!  
So the breakdown would be 33 servings in the bag, at $80.50 a bag (with code), is about $2.40 a serving.  The gels I take (I prefer the Honey Stinger brand) are $1.99.  So if I bought 33 gels, that would be $65.67.  While the initial price looks crazy, when you break it down it isn't that bad.

Bottom Line:  I don't love the sugary gels or chews, so I plan on investing in my own bag of bits to help me train gel-free for the Baltimore Half Marathon!

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