Monday, July 8, 2013

Running is Awesome


I've casually mentioned the Baltimore Half Marathon a few times, but consider this my "official" announcement - I'm running the Baltimore Half Marathon!  The Baltimore Running Festival features a Kid Fun Run, 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, and Marathon Relay on October 12. 

I know several people running both the full and the half marathon, but I don't have anyone I'm officially training with this time.  That will be different - I'll definitely miss my weekend long runs with Barb and Laura!!  

The race also comes just 2 weeks before the Men's Health Urbanathlon, which I did as a relay last year but I'm doing all 10 miles solo this year.  Sound crazy?  It is.  But I'm excited!!!

I kicked off my training for Baltimore last week and it's been one year since I started running, it's the perfect time for this link up!

Coffee & Macarons

Since I'm running a half, which is 13.1 miles - I'm contributing...
13.1 Reasons Running is Awesome
13) The running community is amazing.  Check out the hashtag #runchat on Twitter and you'll see what I mean.  It is seriously the most supportive, encouraging, fun group of people!
12) Running doesn't have to be fancy.  I mean, it CAN be - but it doesn't have to be.  You need sneakers and gym clothes to get started.

11) Running is a great way to make new friends.  Some of my best friendships have developed over runs and running events during the past year.  The other day, I walked away from my phone for an hour and came back to FIFTY EIGHT text messages from these gals!

10) You can wear sparkly skirts and tutus - and it's okay, and often even encouraged.  

9) Running is a solo sport.  I've never been an athlete, not even close.  I ran a record 17 minute mile in high school.  Okay, I didn't actually run any of that.  I like that running doesn't require me to be part of a team - that if I mess up on a run, I'm not letting anyone else down.  

8) But - running doesn't HAVE to be a solo sport.  As much as I love the solo aspect of it, I also enjoy meeting friends for runs and challenging myself to run with people who are faster than me.

7) It's an excuse to buy new clothes and wear shirts with funny sayings on them.  I don't normally wear clothes with sayings on them, unless I'm running.  This "Will run for cupcakes" is a fave - and Dawn is sporting "This isn't sweat, it's liquid awesome" - haha!!

6) Running is the best stress relief I've ever experienced.  I've run through bad moods, bad days, stressful situations, tears, and struggles.  It's made be not just stronger physically, but mentally.

5) Running teaches you how to fuel your body.  Remember that time I tried to run on a stomach of junk food?  Ugh.  Since I started running, I've done a lot of reading and researching about how to best fuel my body.

4) My legs are strong!  For the first time in my life, I don't hate my calves!

3) Runners celebrate other runners.  At races, I've never been there to see the 1st place person come through, but I've often been there to see the last runner come through - and they are always run in to cheers and claps from their fellow runners.  No judgement - just encouragement.

2) It gives you the chance to get outside - and I've run in heat, humidity, rain, snow, wind, and cold. 

1) Running shows you what you're capable of.  I can't tell you the times I said "I hate running" - but that's just because I'd never worked at it.  Now, I know I can.  I tell myself  "You've run 13.1 flippin miles before - you CAN do this!" in so many situations!!
.1) Just because - RUNNING IS FUN!!!


  1. These are great reasons! I love that running doesn't have to be fancy. The shoes are really the most expensive part, but other than that you can just head out and run! Runners are SO encouraging too. I love it. Thanks so much for linking up! Good luck on your training!

  2. I really liked your point about runners encouraging other runners. When I first got into running, I couldn't stop thinking, "Everyone is probably making fun of me because I'm so slow, and I have to stop and walk." What I didn't know is that no one else gives a hoot about your pace. They care that you're giving it your all. I think running is very unique in that trying your best is so celebrated no matter what your "performance."

    -Emily T @

  3. Love your reasons! Like you, I've found the running community to be so nice, welcoming, and supportive. I expected them to judge me as a new runner, but that has not been the case! Totally agree with the stress relief and amazing effects on our legs! I haven't worn a tutu yet, but I'm dying to find a fun race to do so! Good luck on your half training! :)

  4. Love your idea to do 13.1 reasons! And they were all great! Good luck on your training, I'll be cheering for you!