Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Kitchen Tool - EVER.

Last week, my mom called me and asked if I'd heard of a "vegetable spiralizer".  She thought it looked like something we'd like and wanted to try it out.  I'd seen it on a few blogs and Instagram photos, and since my mom was willing to buy it for "us" (me) to use - I was in!

You might be thinking - what in the world is a vegetable spiralizer?? It's this handy little gadget that turns ordinary vegetables and fruits into beautiful pasta-like noodles! 

This is our first try with the spiralizer:

Isn't it pretty?!?   It was amazingly easy too.  The box arrived, we pulled out the spiralizer - no assembly required - and started going!  You just stick the veggie onto the holder, and twist. 

My 2nd try was with a sweet potato.  I simply sauteed mushrooms, onions, and garlic - then tossed the sweet potato noodles with it gently until they were warm.

How beautiful are those curls???

Here's some more zucchini - tossed with a little basil pesto and topped with scallops.  Something I love - because my plate of "noodles" is actually zucchini, I can add the piece of bread to the side without feeling like "Oh I shouldn't eat that many carbs" - woo hoo!!

The machine cleans up relatively easily, too.  The blades store under it, so it doesn't take up much space.

I've found that the best way to cook the noodles is to simply toss them in a pan with whatever oil/butter and seasonings you'd like for just a few minutes until they're warm.

I haven't played around with the other blades much yet, but I'm seeing curly "fries", apple chips, zucchini coins...OMG I'm in love with this machine!!!


What are you waiting for - order yours now!!! 
This is the model that I use:


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