Monday, September 23, 2013

A Painful Run! (Half)Marathon Monday

We're less than 3 weeks from the Baltimore Running Festival!!!! I can't believe it! My friends who are doing the full marathon did their last long runs this weekend! I'll do one more long one next weekend.  I'm so excited for this race!!!

Urbanathlon training at the gym.  We ran, did uphill sprints and bear crawls, and then did an obstacle course that involved tires, rolling burpees, tuck jumps, frog jumps, agility ladder plank walks, and some other fun things!  It was tough - but awesome!!

Strength Training at the gym

I took an extra rest day since I'd run my long run on Sunday this week. Plus, I had a junior high football game to watch after school. The guy I'm dating coaches for a local team and they were playing the school where I teach, so I went to watch!

A hilly 5K run (29:59!) followed by a circuit workout at the track with my gals! Reverse crunches, regular crunches, plank walks, push-ups, bleacher runs and more!

Strength program at the gym

Long Run Day!

My goal was to do 13 miles - but that didn't happen.  My right hip flexor/IT band/quad were really acting up Friday.  I iced and rolled Friday night, but they were still cranky when I woke up.  I decided I'd go for around 10 miles and if I felt good, I'd add an extra loop to make the 13.

I did not feel good.

More than 1 time, I almost called my mom to pick me up.  The pain was frustrating. Just as I'd think I couldn't go anymore, it would go away and I'd continue.  Finally, at the 2 hour mark I stopped.  I was at 10.6 miles and still 1 mile from home.  I was actually crying the last 5 minutes of running because it hurt so much - but I really wanted to hit 2 hours. I walked the last mile home, and my leg felt a lot better.

An ice bath, ibuprofen, some chocolate milk, and a relaxing evening helped too!! 

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  1. Sorry you were hurting during your run. Way to still get out there! Excited to hear about how your race goes!