Monday, September 16, 2013

Giant Hills and the Rope Beast - (half)marathon Monday

Last week went by fast, but I'd classify it as a "long week".  This is mostly because I was up past 11:00 every night - oops!  By Thursday I was pretty much running entirely on caffeine and EnergyBits.  It was not pretty!

It was also a pretty tough workout week.  Trying to fit in training for the Urbanathlon along with my regular lifting program and half marathon training is tough!  But, I also like the fact that it keeps me on schedule and doesn't let me slack off!!  

So here's the week in summary!

5K run (decided to try to run this as fast as I could and ended up with a 5K PR at 26:55!!)
41 climbs up and down the rope jungle gym at the park 

Strength Training Program

Urbanathlon Group Training (circuit workout)

3 mile run (relatively easy pace)

Strength Training Program

This was supposed to be long run day, but I was not feeling it so I made it REST day!

Long run day!  I tackled 12 miles and some serious hills.  I felt good overall, but almost all of mile 8 was down a fairly steep hill (you can see it in the elevation map) and that HURT.  I was almost in tears.  Downhill is so much harder on my knees!

For fuel:
Before - Ezekiel muffin w/ honey and almond butter, coffee, 50 EnergyBits
During - 6 dried apricots around mile 6, 30 EnergyBits at mile 7, a Honey Stinger Gel at mile 9 (plus 4 8oz bottles of water w/ Nuun that I dropped at miles 3, 6, 9, and 10.5)
After - chocolate milk :)

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  1. I get exhausted just reading your workout schedule! And don't forget, taught fifth graders all day!!