Monday, September 9, 2013

(Half)Marathon Monday + Roller Coaster Recovery Day!

Oops - sorry I disappeared for 2 weeks!!! I could use the "busy with back to school stuff" excuse, but the real thing I've been distracted by  Yup - as in, multiple dates with the same fantastic guy (who I did not meet online - see posts here and here about my thoughts on that!) So anyway - that's all the info I'm blogging about it right now, but it's going well so far and I'm happy! :)

Now, onto the training update.

Last weekend was a "step back" so I ran "only" 8 miles.  I didn't take any fuel with me on the run because I was thinking "it's only 8 miles".  I did the first 4 on a relatively flat route, and the last 4 all up and down hills.  Then I spent the rest of the day feeling nauseous.

So this week, I didn't risk it!  I took EnergyBits before and at mile 7.  I dropped bottles of Nuun at miles 3, 6, and 9.  I carried a baggie with me of 3 cut up dates and 3 cut up dried apricots, and a Honey Stinger gel in case I needed it.  I set out for 11 miles of country roads and rolling hills. 

I felt FANTASTIC.  Seriously - every mile felt so good!!! I couldn't believe it.  It was probably the best run I've ever had.  Even at the tough end miles, my legs still didn't want to give up.  I almost kept going to 13.1 just because I could!  I had a great average pace, so I was really happy!

Then I came home and did a nice ice bath - that was super cold since it wasn't a million degrees outside.  But it helps my legs feel so much better!!

Sunday was rest/recovery day - which I spent most of walking around Hersheypark - the "sweetest place on earth"!!  We rode lots of fun rides, ate some good food, and toured Chocolate World.  It was tons of fun!  It was an "active recovery" day!


  1. Ha! Oh my gosh that ice bath is awesome. I should do one of those some time. Also.... you should blog more about your dates! :)

  2. So excited for you!! I agree with previous comment we need a little details ;)