Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm a Bits Believer - #PoweredByBits

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I've been singing the praises of these little green algae bits lately.  I have blogged about them here and here, but in the last few weeks I've really seen how these guys impact my training and my overall health!

ENERGYbits® are 100% Spirulina algae, They are called ENERGYbits® because they give you fast and enduring energy – both physically and mentally. They have 64% protein and are equally beneficial for consumers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, students or anyone who needs more energy and protein.

I take them before workouts, during long runs, and if I'm feeling sluggish and let me tell you - I can absolutely feel the difference.  Just Sunday, I took 30 Bits at mile 7 of my 12 mile long run - about 10 minutes after I took the Bits, I could feel the boost.  It's a great boost too - it isn't jittery or anything like caffeine and sugar can be.  The best way to describe it is clarity.  When I've taken Bits during the day at work, I just feel the sense of mental clarity.  That "brain fog" that comes with being tired is gone.

The real thing that confirmed my love for these algae bits was the long run that I didn't take them for.  I had run out of Bits and my new order hadn't arrived yet, so I ran my 8 miles without them - figuring it wouldn't make a difference.  I spent the whole day after those 8 miles feeling nauseous.  I had run 10 miles the week before, and I ran 11 miles the week after - both with Bits - and I felt fantastic.  I'm a Bits Believer for sure!

If my own experiences aren't enough to convince you to try EnergyBits, check out some of the infographics.  Bits are high in antioxidants, B vitamins, and protein.  They are FOOD - not just a supplement.

Don't just take my word for it either.  Here are a few links to other bloggers who've reviewed EnergyBits!

"I’ve got no doubt that the ENERGYbits® helped me not only run all of the miles I was targeting for the weekend, but to run them fast and feel good."

"Overall my first experience with Energy Bits was a success and I am going to continue to use them before running."

"The energy that you receive from the bits is not as much a rush as it is a sustainable type boost; the more you push yourself, the better they work!"

"I was amazed at how clear my mind was and how great my body felt" 

Convinced?  Visit the EnergyBits website and use the discount coupon code GetBusyLiving to get 30% off of your order.
 I promise - they are worth every penny!!!

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