Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Dr. Oz show!!

If you happened to catch last Wednesday's episode of Dr. Oz - you saw me on TV! 

(see me?  On the left!)

One of my running pals somehow heard that Dr. Oz was looking for people to fill his stage for a fitness segment.  Since many of us are teachers, and filming was the week before school started, we jumped at the chance for an overnight girls trip to NYC for this!  We had no idea what we were getting into.  We joked the whole time that they might make us Prancercise.

Instead of Prancercise, we ended up with a "dance" fitness segment with choreographer Stepp Stewart.  He was a riot, and did a great job considering he was working with mostly runners - not dancers!

Our dance turned out to be to the song "Low" by FloRida - you know, "she had them apple bottom jeans..." - and it was hilarious!!!  We had a great time laughing at ourselves! 

You can watch the segment by going to the Dr. Oz website or click here!


  1. I saw you! I was picking up the baby at Michelle's house when it came on. So cool! :)

  2. This was so much fun to watch! I just love how you are embracing life!