Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Progress Update

It's been awhile since I've posted a side-by-side progress update on here!  As far as the scale goes, I'm still hovering around the same number.  I've hit 167 - which broke the 170 plateau finally!! I'm not counting calories at this point and I'm trying to simply eat food that is good for me, and eat when I'm hungry.  Training for a half-marathon makes me a lot hungrier, which allows for a few more treat foods!

One of the things that I worried a little about in starting to date someone was that I'd fall off the wagon with my healthy habits.  That's why finding someone who shares those habits is important to me. Luckily, my beau does!! He played football in high school and college, as well as on a minor league team after college.  He coaches for a local junior high and also spends time in the gym lifting. Just the other night, I was cooking and he requested "something healthy - like salmon".  Music to this girl's ears!!! My fall-off-the-wagon fears have definitely been put to rest, and in fact this guy encourages me to work harder and stay more focused. It's awesome!
On Saturday, I did my long run and it was not my best - just because of some IT band issues and pain I was dealing with.  I ended the run at 10.6 miles instead of my planned 13, and still had to walk a mile home.  I was in tears at the end of the run because of pain - but not because of defeat.  The picture on the left here was taken on September 23 of last year.  It was the first time I'd ever run 3 non-stop miles.  On the right - Saturday...10.6 miles.  There's no way I can be disappointed in myself.  I've come so far (literally!) with running!!  Not all runs are going to be awesome - the important thing is that I listened to my body and didn't push too hard through the pain.  And I still ran TEN MILES. :-) 


  1. Amazing!! I think that top side by side is the best yet. You are so beautiful, both inside and out!! We are very proud of you and all your hard work. Love You!

  2. Ok, first...you have a boy!! yay! :) and second: you are such an inspiration for me! I remeber three years ago (right? or was it two?) when we "ran" the jingle bell run together. We have come such a long way since then. Your running has inspired me to start running again. It felt good the other day to run a mile straight, I can't wait till I'm where you are! Congrats Jess, keep doing what you do; because it helps a lot of people :)