Monday, October 28, 2013

Men's Health Urbanathlon Recap

This weekend goes down as one of the best weekends of 2013.  Between the race, the time with my fit friends, a great Sunday at church (several friends were baptized!), and "The Walking Dead" - there was so much JOY in this weekend!!

Last year I did the Urbanathlon as part of a relay team with my friends Barb and Laura.  When we started training last year, we barely knew each other and now we don't go a day without talking! 

Together with our friends Dawn and Cathy, we call ourselves the "Fab Five" - we text each other daily, check in on workouts, and encourage each other.  We committed to doing all 10 miles and 10 obstacles together - and we did! 

The race begins at CitiField (home of the Mets) and runs through Flushing Meadows park, around the Arthur Ash Tennis Stadium, and ends with a run through CitiField.  The race is a total of 10 miles, with 10 different "urban" obstacles throughout.  Each obstacle was separated by a run of about 1-2 miles.

Many of the obstacles included things pictured below - parking barriers, cone hurdles, pallet walls, police barriers, and tire runs.

One obstacle that had us all a little nervous was the MONKEY BARS.  These are not your average playground monkey bars.  They're much farther apart and thicker than playground bars.  But - every single one of us conquered the bars! We were so excited when we finished them - and then remembered we were only at mile 3 - haha!!
(we're in the back in the lime green shirts)

An obstacle that I loved was "Over, Under, Through" - which I did on my leg last year.  Last year, I needed help getting over the 5 ft wall.  This year - I did not need help! I climbed over both walls, army crawled under, and jumped through with no problem!

The last obstacle before the stadium was a combination of "marine hurdles" and a tire carry with balance walk.  The marine hurdles are 5 foot high hurdles made of two 2x4s together.  Most people required help to get over these, as they are difficult to pull yourself up onto and over.  

(yoga came in handy here!)

The last mile of this race is a little unique - it's run inside the CitiField Stadium!  We entered the stadium and climbed stairs allllllllllllll the way to the nosebleeds.  From there, we ran up and down the nosebleeds 4-5 times (I can't remember).  Then it was back down, under the stadium, through the visiting team clubhouse, out their dugout, and a lap around the outfield!  It was a very cool experience - though it would've been cooler if I'd been a baseball fan.  Funny - I just realized both of my October races ended at baseball stadiums!
(NYonAir got this shot from their helicopter!)

After exiting CitiField (that took us about 15 minutes), we headed for the "Finish Sequence" - which involves 4 obstacles.  First is the taxis, followed by a cargo net up and over a bus, then under a fence/barricade, and finally over the 8 foot wall!

(I should note - this picture makes it appear as if I actually went over the wall using the rope.  In reality, I attempted it - and then used a rope ladder at the end of the wall.  Haha!)

My 3 favorite parts of this race were - 
1. The CitiField Stairs.  The stairs weren't as tough as I thought they'd be, the music was blasting in the stadium, and the atmosphere was just awesome!

2.  Standing on top of the bus with some of my best friends after we'd conquered the race!!!

3.  Crossing the finish line holding hands with "The Fab Five" - we trained together, raced together, and finished together! 





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