Thursday, October 10, 2013

That's A Wrap!

Yesterday's 3-mile run marked the end of my training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon! 

I knew it was the "last run before 13.1" but it didn't actually occur to me that it meant the END of training until I had finished running. 

The END of weeks of planning workouts and going to bed early Friday nights so I could do a Saturday long run. No more dropping water bottles or testing out fuel intake or finding new running songs. 

Runners will tell you that it's not really about the race. It's about the training. The race is not the hard part - it's a celebration of all of the training and hard work you've done for the weeks leading up to the race. 

So with those 3 miles, I ended weeks of had work doing something I never thought I would love so much. I love running. I am a runner. And I can't wait to cross the finish line on Saturday! 

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