Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Pace Bracelet

I had a serious time goal for the Baltimore Half Marathon.  When I ran Rock 'N Roll USA in March, it was my first half.  I didn't have a time goal, I just wanted to finish.  My time for that race was 2:36.  Based off of how I was running in my long runs, I set myself 2 different time goals for Baltimore.  I decided that if I was feeling REALLY good, I would go for a 2:20 finish.  If I was hurting, or just not feeling it, I'd shoot for 2:30.

My finish time ended up being 2:16:13 - I was feeling fantastic!!!  I think the key for me was something simple: a pace bracelet.


To fins this one, I simply did a web search for "marathon pace bracelets" and found a website (this one) that allows you to enter your time goal and it makes this nifty bracelet.  I just cut it out, covered it in clear tape and then taped it onto my wrist on race morning.  I've seen other runners who write their split goals on their arms in Sharpie.  But with the way I sweat, I figured it would end up a mess and I'd have Sharpie smears all over myself.

To use the bracelet, I wore a simple cheap-o watch with a stopwatch feature.  As I passed each mile on the course, I just glanced at my watch and my bracelet.  At mile 1, I was about 20 seconds ahead of my goal pace.  From then on, I got a few seconds more ahead with each mile. 

I loved the pace bracelet because...
  1. At mile 11 when my IT band hurt, I knew I was 3 minutes under goal pace and could afford a few seconds to stop and stretch.
  2. Knowing how close I was to my goal pace kept me pumped up the whole race.
  3. I could judge about how far I was between mile markers knowing how fast my mile times were.
  4. I maintained a steady pace the entire race (my fastest was 9:56, slowest was 10:23, but most miles were right around 10:00-10:10)
  5. I didn't have to spend mental energy trying to calculate times or splits.
I will definitely be using this strategy for distance races again - it was a lifesaver!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to make one for my half this weekend!

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  3. Found this through The Lady Okie's Pinterest page. This looks like such a great idea. Maybe I'll try this for my marathon? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm using this for my 1/2. Thank you!