Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After yesterday's "old school blogging" survey revealed I was no longer dating "the guy", I've had lots of people ask me what happened.  Since I tend to over share things here, I figure I'll continue the trend and tell you all about it.  Well, some of it.  I'll call it "being transparent" because that sounds better, right?

At the end of August, a mutual friend set me up with "the guy" (who I shall refer to as simply Guy - which is not his real name, but I'll refrain from telling you that).  We went on a bunch of dates the first few weeks, including dinners out, dinners in, and even a Hersheypark trip. We texted and talked constantly.  But - then life started to get in the way.  Guy works night shift...midnight to 8am.  And then he coached from 3pm-5pm.  Between his work and coaching schedules, and my work and training schedules - our schedules were completely opposite, which made seeing each other difficult.

After a few weeks, this caught up to us and we'd go 2 weeks without seeing each other. Plus, if I'm being honest, I don't think Guy was making me a priority in his life. The more I thought about, the more I prayed about it, the more I talked about it, the more I realized that I didn't really want to make him a priority either.

He is a nice guy, he's got a lot of great qualities, and I harbor no bitterness towards him.  Really, it just didn't work out - and that's okay!

One of my favorite songs for the past year has been "Second Chance" by Rend Collective Experiment.  When I started dating Guy, I played this song on repeat again - thank God for this second chance. When things were over with us, I was sad because I thought "every time I hear that song now I'm going to think about him" - I thought he was THE second chance.

But then, I was listening to the song again and was reminded that it doesn't say "one second chance" - it says "COUNTLESS second chances".  Just because this guy wasn't THE guy doesn't mean there isn't still THE guy out there.  God is a God of second chances...and third...and fourth...and COUNTLESS chances - and I trust Him!

"Oh Your cross, it changes everything
There my world begins again with You
Oh Your cross, it's where my hope restarts
A second chance is Heaven's heart"

Monday, November 18, 2013

Old School Blogging

Remember the days of online surveys? (ok those days were not that long ago, but still) We'd email them to each other, and then when MySpace came around you could post them there, or as a Facebook note?! This is a throw back to the days of "old school blogging" with a random survey via Miss Elaine! Happy Monday!!

Where is your cell phone? Not far away - right next to me!

Your significant other? Is non-existent...womp womp womp.  Yes - the guy is no longer! (Don't worry, I'll be over sharing about this later this week - what else would you expect?!)

Your hair? needs a trip to the salon - but I only do that about once a year...I'm totally hair lazy!

Your mother? Is AWESOME!!!! Seriously.  She's my best friend.

Your father? Thinks he is pretty funny - and he is. Also, he is great at fixing things and lawn work.  And vacuuming!

Your favorite thing? Jesus.  And coffee.

Your dream last night? I rarely dream - if I do, it's usually the night before a race and I dream things about losing my race bib or arriving late!

Your favorite drink? Water. Seriously - I drink it all the time.  Other than that, coffee and good beer.

Your dream/goal? To run a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours!

The room you are in? Living Room

Your ex? I don't really have anyone I was dating seriously enough to consider an "ex" - and I'm thankful for that!

Your fear?SPIDERS!!!

Where do you want to be in six years? Oh geeze - hopefully married again...probably still teaching, maybe a mom or foster mom to a kid or two.

Where were you last night?
Watching "The Walking Dead" with my friends! I think it's one of my favorite times of the week.

What are you not? Patient

Muffins? Huh? Sure, muffins are good.

One of your wish list items? Under Armour Cold Gear tights

Where you grew up? Shrewsbury, PA

The last thing you did? Said goodbye to my students, drove home

What are you wearing? This question seems suggestive.  But - black leggings (ok, they're actually running tights that I am pretending are leggings), a polka dot tunic and a sweater.

Your TV? Isn't in the living room, so I don't watch as much of it as I used to!

Your pets? Max and Min - my fatty cats!

Your computer? Belongs to my school district!

Your life? Is not even a little bit how I thought I would be when I was in high school.

Your mood? Good, but tired.  Staying up late for Walking Dead....bad plan, but oh so fun!

Missing someone? Always!

Your Car? 2007 CR-V.  Actually mine is a CR-I because part of the V broke off.  I'm fancy like that.

Something you are not wearing? a necklace

Favorite store? Target!!!

Your summer? Seems quite far away in November!

Like someone? I like lots of people.

Your favorite color? PINK!

When was the last time you laughed? I teach elementary school - I laugh every day!

Last time you cried? I got a little teary eyed on my way to church yesterday thinking about some life things.

Who will repost this? This made me laugh!!! Remember when these things used to say "Repost this in the next 20 minutes and your crush will call you"?!?!?  Ah the good old days.  HA!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend in Virginia

This weekend I traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to spend some time catching up with my roommates from college - Kellie and Kristin.  Kellie grew up in Charlottesville and now she lives in the area and teaches Pilates and barre classes at Momentum.  I arrived Friday night after fighting traffic around Washington, DC. Kellie and I just hung out and relaxed for the evening in our comfy clothes - one of our favorite things to do when we get together!

Saturday morning, Kellie had a barre class to teach at 9:00 and a beginner's Pilates class at 10:00.  I've been wanting to take a barre class, so I joined Kellie at the studio.  I really enjoyed the barre class! It uses small weights (2-3 lb) and a squishy ball.  The class is a strength based class and the movements are tiny, but they hurt!

No one came to beginner's class, so we headed out early to hit the Charlottesville City Market. Kellie has a friend who makes really pretty, unique jewelry and crafts.  Her shop is called Curbside Pickins and they have a stand at market.  I got some really great jewelry!  

Kristin and her husband, Justin, arrived Saturday around lunch time.  They traveled from Washington, DC (where they live) to Richmond for a wedding Friday night, and then joined us Saturday! We decided to enjoy the sunshine by heading to a local winery called Pippin Hill for a glass of wine and then to the Blue Mountain Brewery for some lunch and beer sampling. This area of Virginia has many great breweries and wineries to tour if you're ever in town!

Pippin Hill Farm is an absolutely gorgeous vineyard and winery in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It offers wine tasting and a small menu.  Pippin Hill is a popular destination for weddings because of its rustic charm and spectacular mountain scenery.  Justin snapped a few pictures of us before we headed out to our next destination!

The Blue Mountain Brewery  offers craft beers and great food, all with more gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountain views!  We decided to indulge a little at this venue!!  And since I normally post pictures of foods that involve things like spinach, kale, and quinoa, I'll share our dining selections with you to prove I'm not always the healthiest eater!

10 samples of beer!


Thai Burger (7oz ground chuck burger infused with a BMB dark ale topped with a dry-rub Thai spice, house-made sweet chili sauce, marinated cucumbers and Asian Napa slaw)

Bread Pudding (we shared this!)

I was surprised to find that the 2 beers I enjoyed the most were the darkest! I have always claimed to dislike dark beers, but perhaps my palette is changing as I age. The Foreign Stout and Dark Hollow were smooth and delicious!

After our touring, we headed back to Kellie's apartment and spent some time amusing ourselves with the game Heads Up.  If you have an iphone, download this game!! It's like modern day charades.  We had a blast!!!

The next morning, I enjoyed a run on the campus of Martha Jefferson Hospital.  The campus is surrounded by ponds and paved paths, making it the perfect spot for a few miles!

We then headed to Horse & Hound for brunch, where I enjoyed a mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese omelet. 

My last stop before heading north was Trader Joe's! I brought my cooler and stocked up on some of my favorite items from TJ's like rolled oats, quinoa, goat cheese, and coconut oil!

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, Charlottesville is a great place to consider!  There's a lot to see and do in the area!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fit to be Featured!

I've been "Instagram friends" with Sara from Fit for a Bride for awhile now.  She recently asked if she could feature my weight loss success story on her blog - and of course I said yes!  

Head on over to Fit for a Bride today to check out my feature and find some inspiration from other success stories and tips Sara shares! Thanks for featuring me, Sara!!!

You can also find Sara on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Like it Hot

Have you heard of Bikram Yoga? Or maybe "hot" yoga? A Bikram Yoga studio opened in my town recently, and I decided to give it a try after hearing some great things about this type of yoga. 

Bikram Yoga is a type of yoga that is practiced in a hot room - VERY hot...105 degrees kind of hot.  The beginner series of Bikram is 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises completed in 90 minutes. The heat is used to help warm up your body.  Because your body is warmer, you're able to stretch more and go deeper into the poses.

I've been practicing yoga at my gym for over a year now, but with race training the past few months, I  haven't had time to fit it in.  I'm also working at mixing up my routine this month so Bikram was the perfect chance to get back to yoga!

Before my first class, I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I searched the internet for "first Bikram yoga class" and read some information.  I talked with a colleague who has taken it several times before and reached out to some friends on Twitter.  My biggest question was "What do I wear???"  The overwhelming response can be summed up with - "as little as you're comfortable wearing".  I ended up with a lightweight/moisture wicking tank and some "booty shorts" (these)

Besides wardrobe options, another big takeaway I got from my research was "it's okay to sit down if you need to".  I tend to be a person in group exercise who gets a little competitive, so this was tough for me. But, at a few points during the first class I was feeling a little light headed so I sat down for a minute or two.  During my second class, I didn't have to sit down at all. 

So just how sweaty is this yoga?  For me - VERY sweaty.  But really, I sweat just thinking about exercising, so this didn't surprise me.  I weighed myself before my first class and then again when I got home.  Even with the 32 oz of water I drank, I still lost 3 pounds during class.  Now if only that was fat and not just water weight - haha!!

Overall, I'm loving Bikram yoga.  The 90 minutes passes really quickly and I feel awesome afterwards! The poses are simple enough for beginners and don't involve any headstands or craziness like that. The instructor guides you through each step, and it ends up being a moving meditation.  Even my busy mind was able to shut out the chatter and concentrate on my practice.  It's a great way to relax and destress!