Monday, January 20, 2014

Beautiful DC miles!

Happy MLK Day! We had off school today, which was great since I spent some time in DC this weekend for a fabulous wedding celebration! (and had a GREAT run there, too!)

This week was a tough one!! I did some great (hard) workouts, and by rest day on Friday, my body was so ready to NOT exercise!
On Saturday, I ran a snowy 5K race with the York Road Runners Winter Series. Along with thousands of other runners, I ran those miles in honor of a fellow runner who was killed by a drunk driver on her regular morning run. (read more about Meg here) We had a fresh inch of snow on the ground and this race runs on a gravel and pot hole filled road - it was treacherous! But the funny thing is, I "took it easy" and came in with a time of 29:26. Last year at this same race, I ran full out - as hard as I could - and was 29:46. I love seeing that in a year's time, "easy" is a totally different standard!

After the 5k, I headed to Arlington, VA for my college roommate's wedding celebration (more on that later). In true runner geek style, I was PUMPED to run my long run in DC and mapped out a route before I left!
I ran across the Key Bridge from Arlington to Georgetown.
Then down along the path by the Potomac around the Georgetown Waterfront.
I continued along the paved trail beside the Rock Creek Parkway (waving hello to the Kennedy Center as I went by!)
Then, I circled around the Lincoln Memorial...
...and up the side of the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument!

I ran down Constitution Avenue, around the Lincoln Memorial, and across the Arlington Memorial Bridge - where I picked up the Mt. Vernon trail.  I finished the last 2 miles on the trail back into Arlington!

It was absolutely gorgeous out, and despite a tough run Saturday morning (balancing in snow!) and being up dancing in heels until almost midnight the night before, I felt GREAT this whole run!

(and I was geeking out thinking about how the next time I ran some of these roads it would be for the Rock 'N Roll USA Half Marathon!!)

This week's workouts...

Outdoor Boot Camp

Strength program + 3.5 miles (which accidentally turned out to be all hills)

35 minute tempo run

Strength program


5k Race

7.5 miles

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