Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Back! (Half)Marathon Monday Returns

Training for my 3rd half marathon started last week, so "(half)Marathon Monday" is back! I do this mostly to help myself keep track of my training, so I won't be offended if you find this boring and totally skip it! My 3rd half is going to be a return to Washington, DC to run the Rock 'N Roll USA Half Marathon in March. I'm super excited to run this race again - it's a great course and it will be neat to beat my previous time and know what to expect a little more this time around. 

Last year, the forecast for race day was cool and rainy - and it really intimidated me. They were also forecasting rain when I ran Baltimore in October, so I decided this year to just train it. Unless there are dangerous weather conditions (like a thunderstorm, ice, or a major blizzard) - if my training plan says run, I will be running.


With that attitude, I did my 6 miles in the rain on Saturday.  It was 50*, which felt positively tropical compared to my Tuesday run in 11*! I did wait to head out until it wasn't a torrential downpour and just a regular rain. I figured it downpoured mid-run, I'd be okay with that, but it was stupid to start out soaking wet if I didn't have to.  The 6 miles were good, though I think I am feeling the effects of the lower carb sugar detox. 

The run for this weekend is 7 miles. I also happen to be going to DC for a wedding celebration, and DC has great running paths! I mapped out a 7 mile run that will run a small segment of the half marathon course, around some monuments, and along the Potomac. It might be cold - but the scenery will be great!

This week's workouts:

Strength Program
3 mile run
Strength Program
Speedwork - 6x400s @ 7.5MPH on the treadmill

rest day
3 mile run
6 mile long run
Yoga (active rest day)

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