Friday, February 28, 2014

A Random Cat Post

I'm a proud representative of the "Crazy Cat Lady" club. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I use the #crazycatlady tag a lot! I love my cats...and here are some totally random cat-related thoughts.

Why do people use the phrase "crazy cat lady" but no one uses the phrase "crazy dog lady"? I see pictures on Facebook and Instagram all the time of people celebrating their dog's birthday - making cakes and putting party hats on the dogs. I don't see cat owners doing this, and yet WE are the crazy ones?!

Lots of people have dogs who will come when you call their name.  This cat comes when you whistle the tune of "Jingle Bell Rock". It's weird I know, but no other song works.

My cats - Maximum and Minimum - are from the same litter and look almost identical. However, they hardly acknowledge on another...unless one is in the other ones way.

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  1. Oh my… I miss my cats so much. Because I immigrated to the States I had to leave them behind. They looks like yours. They seem the huge cuddly bunch. Still miss them.