Sunday, March 23, 2014

A New Addition

 Well, in true "crazy cat lady" fashion, I've already adopted a new cat. Ginger is a 4-year-old sweetie who I saw online through a local shelter. The day Max died, I had 3 different offers for kittens. While I knew I wanted another cat, I also knew I didn't really want a kitten. Kittens require things like declawing and spaying/neutering - things that cost a lot of money. Also, my Min is old and I didn't think she'd be thrilled with an excitable little kitten running around. 

So, I decided to look at shelters and see if any cats caught my eye. Ginger is already front declawed and has been spayed (or neutered - whichever female cats get). Plus she has all of her shots!

Ginger was described as "obese". But...well...she seems normal to me. These shelter people didn't know Max! They told me she was really shy and would probably hide a lot at first. However, she was being fostered by a family with 4 cats, 2 other foster cats, and 2 small children - so she may have just disliked all of the noise! 

She's been adjusting well, spending a lot of time in my office (her room for now!), and occasionally coming out to explore or sit with me. 

Min is not a fan so far. They growl and hiss at each other, but haven't been aggressive. Min and Max never really acknowledged each other, so I don't expect Min and Ginger to be BFFs, but hopefully she stops growling soon. 


  1. Orange Cats are the best. We used to have one. And no, that is not an obese cat. If that cat is obese, then mine were morbidly obese! Ha!
    Congrats on your newest addition!

  2. Ginger really does look like Baxter in that first photo.

    Haha! Min's eyes are most definitely not sending out pleasant thoughts!