Monday, March 17, 2014

A Sad Goodbye

I did something this morning that I knew was coming eventually, but I've been dreading. I drove my sweet, chubby Maximum to the animal hospital and came home empty handed. 

He was listless, not breathing very deeply, and just kind of laying there this morning. I knew it wasn't good, and since he was almost 15 years old, I had a feeling this was it for him. 

I stood there signing a "do not resuscitate" order and answering questions about whether I wanted to be with him when he died or if I wanted his ashes. It was all so weird and yet, familiar. It's strange to do something like that for a cat when you've done it for a human not many years before. 

And now I'm going to embrace the "crazy cat lady" and blog about how awesome my cat was. 

Maximum had serious personality and was a great companion. He was never far from where I was in the house - unless I was moving around a lot and following me got exhausting for his fatness!!! 

When Isaac was alive, I would leave the bedroom and walk down the hall in the morning and Max would be walking the opposite direction. He'd heave himself up onto the bed and sprawl out in my empty spot next to Isaac. Max spent Isaac's last hours tucked underneath his hospital bed, as if he was just trying to be there for Isaac in his last moments. 

The night Isaac died, Max spent the whole night (and many, many more after that) tucked beside me. It made the empty half of the bed so much less empty. 

He did silly things like chase ice cubes in the kitchen, come snuggle when I whistled "Jingle Bell Rock", and drink water out of the bath room faucet. 

He'd squeeze himself into small places, let me cart him around without much fuss, and allow me to just be silly. 

Maximum, thanks for 10 1/2 years of company, loyal love, snuggles, and smiles. You were an awesome cat and you will be missed!!

(P.S. - Max's sister, Minimum, is snuggled next to me as I type!)


  1. Glad you took so many photos of his antics along the way:)

  2. It's always so hard to say goodbye to a fur baby that has been in your life for so many years. Each one is unique but there's always one that holds a special place in your heart and it sounds like Maximun was one. So glad you have his sister to keep you company help heal the hurt.