Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five - Selfie Edition

1. A side-by-side of last year's RNR race (left) and this year's! Both were snapped by a friend - and though my stride and my body are definitely facial expression is almost identical! HAHA!!!

2. I joined the "cool runner" club and got a Garmin watch! It's the 610, and I got it for a steal!!! It retails brand new for around $400 - but I got a refurbished one on Groupon for $189. I am officially in love.  It's so nice to be able to track my pace and distance right on the watch instead of having to dig out my phone.

3. This little sweetie has been getting lots of extra love this week. Though, her face here pretty much says "enough extra love, thanks" - haha!! 

4.  Yesterday I ran in a running skirt for the first time since the fall!! I'm ignoring all things I hear/read about a possibility of snow next week.  It's not happening. It just can't.

5. Today is "Superhero Day" at school. Or as I like to call it "Where a Running Costume" day - because that's pretty much what I'm doing. A sparkle skirt, some ProCompression socks, and a running tee! I sewed some ribbon onto a piece of extra fabric for a cape - and voila! Super Runner! (Super COMFY too!)


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  1. I am so shocked by the difference between last year's race photo and this year's. Boy have you slimmed and tightened so much more. Still smiling through the pain:)