Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five - This & That

1. This bunny. I find it ironic that in order to burn off the calories in this "Speedy Bunny", I would have to run at least 6 miles. Also ironic is the fact the this 700+ calorie bunny is advertising the "Hershey's Track and Field Games". This is like McDonakd's being the official restaurant of the Olympics. 
2. This outfit. I'm laughing just looking at it. It was pure coincidence.  I wore my wacky paisley leggings with a plain black shirt-dress. Then, a student brought in this wig...and this happened. Too funny!
3. These flowers! FINALLY!!! I think this is the latest my poor daffodils have ever come up. It's so nice to look at these cheery guys every time I go outside...even if it has been raining a lot this week. (at least it's not snow!)

4. This RUN HAPPY gear! I love the Brooks company - and I've been wanting a "run happy" shirt (which is their company motto) for awhile. I happened to be surfing the site last week and spotted some great sales! I got 2 tech tees (the white "run happy" and the pink says "live, love, run"), a "run happy" visor (I almost always run in a hat if it's sunny because I hate the sweat/sunglasses combo), and one of the Brooks ultra lightweight tanks for humid summer runs. The blue tee was FREE! They had a special - spend $75 and get the tee free. $75? No problem.  (I spent $76 for all of this!)
5. This Challenge. Jen @ Peanut Butter Runner is having a "Green Smoothie April" challenge - drink a green smoothie every day for the month of April. Perfect timing here because I haven't been drinking as many of them lately! I've been having them with breakfast so far, and I'll share some of my favorite combos next week!

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  1. Definitely does sound funny to see advertising for a healthy event on a chocolate isn't even dark chocolate!

    Oh, my, the wig is awesome. You look good in big hair!!

    Cute new shirts!!